First Bombfell Review — October 2015

Bombfell1Guy readers, this one’s for you!

You all know I love Stitch Fix, and I’ve been seeking out a subscription box service similar to it, but for men. I wanted to offer more guys the chance to enjoy my blog, and this might be one way! Plus, I’ve been wanting to get Justin into some other types of clothing that are more professional and mature, since he usually wears baggier cargo khaki pants, Tshirts and polos.

Researching took me to discover Bombfell! This service offers clothing, accessories and shoes from a variety of brands. It’s a bit more expensive than your average store (think Banana Republic), but judging from the first box, the quality is high. Bombfell offers free shipping and returns. You only pay for what you purchase.

How Bombfell Works

Bombfell2Once you sign up for the service, it asks you to fill out a questionnaire similar to Stitch Fix’s Style Profile. You fill out basic information like height, weight, measurements, colors you usually wear, your personal style, body shape, skin tone, etc. It’ll also ask what your budget is so whoever styles you can pick out appropriate pieces and it’ll ask what you absolutely hate wearing so they know to avoid sending those items. You can upload a few photos of yourself to help the stylist get an idea of your body type and how clothing fits, and of course, you can add a personalized note to mention any other details/wants.

This is my personal favorite part: Before your box ships, Bombfell will let you preview the items they plan on sending and you can choose to switch out that item for another or just cancel one of the items all together! I love that, because you don’t waste time trying on something you might hate and definitely won’t purchase. It’s super smart on Bombfell’s part, and I wish Stitch Fix did this too.

Once the box arrives at your door, you have 10 days (I love that, too) to try everything on and mix and match it with pieces in your closet. Return what you don’t want in the same box, using the shipping label and return authorization form the company provides, and give feedback on the website when requesting returns.

Bombfell3In this box, they sent six items. I filled out Justin’s preferences and style questionnaire, knowing what he doesn’t need or wouldn’t want. I tried to stick to what he was comfortable with already, but requested pieces I also want to see him try. I did switch out two items before the box was sent.

Let’s see what Justin received and his comments about each item!

7 Diamonds — Feel Free SS Shirt; Large; $79
Jonnie-O — Napa Straight Chino; 32-34; $98

Bombfell4This shirt is fairly comfortable to wear as a casual piece. The fabric is nice but a little stiff and I actually found myself wishing it had long sleeves rather than short. Due to the price tag, however, I’m gonna have to pass.

The Jonnie-O pants were a bit of a deviation from what I normally wear. I tend to like baggier pants and it was strange to feel the pant legs actually touching my legs. The fit was superb and the fabric felt really nice. I may need to adjust my waist size for future pant purchases because now that I have a permanent ileostomy (like a colostomy, but on the other side) I found that the pants squeezed the appliance too much, but that’s more my fault for not asking for a larger size. Overall, however, I think I’ll stick to my usual cargo pants/jeans combo for every day use. I’ll be putting these chinos back in the box.

French Connection — Colorful Oxford Stripe LS Shirt; Large; $78

Bombfell8Ha, yeah this one screams boredom. I’m not a fan of stripes so this was an instant “no,” but it did feel good to wear and the fit was perfect.

Benson — Raglan Sleeve LS Henley; Large; $75

Bombfell7This was probably my favorite of all the clothes in the box. It’s casual, it’ll keep me warm, and the fabric felt just right for every-day wear. The price isn’t too bad compared to other pieces in the box either, so this one is a keeper. I’m also a fan of the darker color palette and this has a nice balance between the gray and the blue.

Sons of Fortune — Garment Wash Cotton Modal Tee; Large; $32

Bombfell5This is a great under shirt. The fabric is so soft you’ll forget you’re wearing it… which felt kind of weird, but I got used to it. I have a really long torso so I wish the sleeves would have been a touch longer to compensate for that. Unfortunately, I’m not going to buy it because $32 for this kind of shirt seems like way too much. I could spend $10 at a local store and get the same result.

French Connection — Quarter Zip Knit Sweater; Large; $98

Bombfell6This is a great look for me and it’ll be worn often because of how cold Michigan is 70% of the time (and because of how thin I am). The mock-neck feels strange at first because it doesn’t really know if it wants to stay up or down, but it looks good regardless so I can’t really complain. The fit is snug and the fabric is nice. Despite the cost, I’m gonna have to give this a “yes.”

Overall Thoughts Justin

As someone who doesn’t really enjoy putting on clothes, even when I go out to a store to try on a new look on my own, I have to admit that the Bombfell box was really convenient as far as having clothes that are already fitted for you show up at your door. Will I do it again? Maybe. Once more, I’m not really one who enjoys trying on different clothes or clothes shopping in general, but I do have to say that this is a far better experience than going out and waiting in line for a fitting room. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Overall Thoughts — Karin

I like Bombfell! I think it’s a great alternative for guys, especially when most guys don’t like to shop. I loved seeing the items they chose before they shipped the box and I thought each item was of really great quality. It was neat seeing Justin try on some items that fit more to his age. The mock neck sweater was my favorite, and it was an adjustment even for me to see him in more fitted pants, but it was definitely a good thing. I hope he’s willing to try this service again.

Want to try Bombfell for yourself or sign up your significant other? Try it out here.


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  1. Just signed my husband up and he got his first box today! He REFUSES to shop for himself so maybe this will help update his closet and get him out of his comfort zone a tad 😉 He has watched me get Stitch Fix and after I found this for him and signed him up, he played it cool for about a week or two and then started asking me where his box was! Haha! I think it’s going to be just as much fun for him as it is for me. I am requesting him that Raglan top and the sweater in navy! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thanks for publishing this its great for everyone:-).

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