Ispy Review — October 2015

Ipsy October 2October’s Ipsy bag arrived! This month’s theme is “Alter Ego,” and I’m not quite sure that has to do with the selection they sent me, but what the hey. The bag is reversible, with a gold side and black side, so maybe that’s it.

Ipsy Details

The service is only $10 a month. Upon signing up, you fill out a brief beauty quiz about what types of makeup you love and would like to receive, your features (eye color, skin type, etc.) and what brands you’d like to try out. Many brands they list are common, but there are some I’ve never heard of.

You get billed the first of each month and your glam bag is sent in the middle of the month. Unlike Stitch Fix, where it allows you the option to schedule boxes at will, Ipsy automatically schedules one every month and you must cancel on your own when you want to stop receiving bags. You get to keep everything that comes in the bag.

Each month’s bag features different products and a different theme, but subscribers mostly receive the same or similar products each month. For example, my bag might be the same as someone else, or it might have a few of the same and a few different items inside.

Ipsy October 1Beauty Without Cruelty Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion

This product from Beauty Without Cruelty was pretty basic. It smells like nothing, but the bottle suggests adding your own essential oil to customize it. Meh. I have my favorite lotions already, so I can’t say I’ll need this in the future. I might use this as part of a gift sometime. A full size bottle sells for $11.95 on the company’s website and it’s paraben free and 100% vegan/vegetarian.

Ipsy October 7theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Committed

I really like liquid lipstick, so I was thrilled when they sent one, though I was disappointed it was a sample size. However, I really like the formula of this product, as well as the matte finish and the vanilla smell of it. Using theBalm Cosmetics is a first for me, though I’ve seen their products before. This lipstick retails for $17 and you can find it at Kohl’s, which I think is a nice plus! After reviewing the other colors, I’m glad they picked this one to send, though I love the dark red color in this collection. When I don’t want the matte look, it’s as easy as swiping chap stick over top.

Ipsy October 8 Ipsy October 9pur~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF 30

I recently got into tinted moisturizers in the spring and purchased one from Tarte. This small tube of BB cream by pur~lisse is really nice and blends well. Since my summer tan is fading though, I think I’ll have to use it up pretty quickly because it’s a tiny bit darker than I would normally buy (I think it’s in the medium shade) and won’t look so great once I’m back to my original pale complexion. A full size tube (2.4 oz.) costs $34. I really like that it also has a touch of sun protection.

Ipsy October 5MicaBueaty Cream Eye Shadow in Bronze

First things first, this cream shadow by MicaBeauty does not feel creamy. It feels dry and didn’t blend well when I put it on my eyelids. Secondly, I wouldn’t call this a bronze color. It looks more orange to me! I didn’t care for this product at all. For me the only plus was that it’s highly pigmented, but I guess that doesn’t matter since I won’t be using it. This product was an Ipsy exclusive and not available online, but similar eye shadows of the same size cost $14.95.

Ipsy October 3 Ipsy October 4Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum

I had high hopes for this product by Nourish Organic since I hear so much about the benefits of argan oil. I won’t say this isn’t a nice serum, but it’s pure oil and almost got all over my bathroom sink when I tried it out. Made with apricot and rose hip oils, this stuff smells amazing and a full-size bottle (0.7 oz) retails for $24.99, which is pretty pricey. I just wish I liked the feel of it better. Even a few hours later, I still feel slightly greasy on my neck where I tested it. I won’t want that feeling during the daytime and I don’t want to risk staining my pillowcase if I apply it at night. Due to those facts, I probably won’t use it much.

Ipsy October 6Overall Thoughts

Though my beauty quiz says I care a lot about hydrating my skin, the variety in this bag was a bit lacking this time around. Most items were sample size, too. I will definitely be using two of the five products, though!

If you want to try it for yourself, here’s a referral link you can use:

What do you think of October’s glam bag?


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