An Explosion of Fall Color

Michigan Fall Colors1It’s beginning to be the most beautiful time of the year in Michigan, and since the weather was supremely cooperative over the weekend, I decided to travel to a few different local spots with my camera.

Colors are not at peak yet, but they’re coming. Honestly though, I like the mix of a little green in the trees. I think it makes the yellows, oranges and reds pop just a bit more.

Michigan Fall Colors2 Michigan Fall Colors7 Michigan Fall Colors5The area in which I live has plenty of parks, small lakes and dirt roads near farmland perfect for this sort of photography. They all are great atmospheres for practicing different camera settings and lenses to capture the best shots and create a buttery bokeh.

Michigan Fall Colors4 I also was fortunate enough to spy some wildlife on my journey. I didn’t have a long enough lens on me at the time to get a great shot, but I saw two bald eagles flying over a lake, a large turtle sunning itself on a log near a swampy area and a fluttery moth on a pine tree. I saw a bunch of deer tracks, but no deer.

Bald Eagle Turtle Michigan Fall Colors6My drive was probably about two hours long, including the quick stops for photos along the way. It was so relaxing! I love driving, and today’s fantastic temperatures allowed me to open the sun roof and driver’s side window while cruising and singing at the top of my lungs along with music from old Rascal Flatts CDs.

Michigan Fall Colors3Michigan Fall Colors8If you’re in an area of a country where the leaves change, make sure to get out there, explore and enjoy it before it’s too cold to think! If you don’t live in such an area…well, I hope you enjoyed this quick post. 😉


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4 Responses to An Explosion of Fall Color

  1. Mary says:

    Love this photo of the turtle!!! What city were you in??

  2. Stacey says:

    Beautiful photos Karin! Looks like you had a nice day out in the sunshine. Where did you see the Eagles? We sometimes see them over the river at Paul’s mom’s [near Hersey].

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