Stitch Fix Review — October 2015

Featured Obviously my hiatus from Stitch Fix didn’t last very long. I can’t help it! I saw all of the cute fall clothes they’ve been posting and it’s too fun to quit. You can’t blame me…

A huge thanks to my friend Daylan, who took the photos of me while my other half is away. You did great! She also helped with placing the text on the photo above, since I’m still learning Photoshop.

So, What Is Stitch Fix?

This service provides the convenience of having five items shipped directly to your door. Right now, they offer tops, pants, skirts, dresses, outerwear, jewelry, scarves, purses and bags. When you first register on the website, you fill out a Style Profile, filling out vital body-type information, sizes, types of clothing you prefer to receive or stay away from, price range and other details. You also can leave a note for the stylist you’re paired with and can provide a link to social media sites or a Pinterest board with items that suit your style. The more specific details you leave, the better chance your box will have more items you like. In the box you’ll also find a note from your stylist and cards showing different ways to wear each piece (which I really benefit from).

The initial fee, or styling fee, is $20. Each item you receive is of a different price point. Once you try on each item of clothing, you have three days to decide which piece(s) you want to keep. The initial $20 will go toward the item(s) you keep. If you decide to keep everything, you receive a 25% discount. If you decide to keep nothing, that $20 is lost. The items you don’t keep you put in a pre-paid mail bag that comes in your box. Just make sure you ship it out within that three-day period or you’ll be charged for the entire thing. You’ll also perform a “check-out” process on the website after you’ve made your choice(s).

For this box I asked my stylist, Suzanne, for pieces I can wear with my black faux leather bomber jacket, jean jacket or blazer, 3/4 sleeve dresses, blouses, tops, and skinny jeans in a dark wash or fall color. I also said fall to winter items for Michigan is a must.

Let’s take a look at what she picked out for me.

Papermoon — Wynn Front Pocket Blouse; Extra Small/Petite; $48

Papermoon — Wynn Front Pocket BlouseLet me first say I was extremely nervous when I peeked at my box and saw this item. It’s the exact same name of the item I received in my July box. Thankfully, the clothing Stitch Fix offers comes in a variety of patterns and colors, so I kept an open mind. However, when I saw it in the box, my heart sank. These colors in this pattern are simply NOT attractive together. And it’s a sheer, very light blouse. And the style card showed the item with shorts! How is that made for fall to winter Michigan temperatures? I knew at first glance it was going back.

Donna Morgan — Eli Printed Dress; Size 2/Petite; $118

Donna Morgan — Eli Printed DressThis was another bomb. Made of nylon, it fit well and was the right length, but the print is way too busy and not pretty. I was a bit confused by the tie because one of the ends was significantly longer than the other. In addition, it’s the same sort of neckline as the two dresses from August that I sent back (and mentioned in checkout I didn’t like). There was no way I was keeping it, and I’m really somewhat happy about it because of the purchase price.

Daniel Rainn — Waring Roll Tab Blouse; Extra Small/Petite; $68

Daniel Rainn — Waring Roll Tab BlouseI was pretty pleased when I saw this piece. I love blue, and the print is delicate and feminine. Again, it’s a sheer blouse, so I’d have to wear a cami underneath, but it looks good under my bomber jacket and a blazer, so I use it for layering purposes right now and ditch them for spring and summer. I will say I’m making a tiny concession here, because it’s borderline tight in the shoulders when I cross my arms. But it’s not bad enough to prevent me from keeping it.

Level 99 — Giovanni Straight Leg Jean; Size 4/Petite; $98

Level 99 — Giovanni Straight Leg Jean 1Level 99 — Giovanni Straight Leg Jean 2These jeans were fantastic. Seriously, probably some of the best I’ve ever tried on. They felt incredibly soft, fit like a glove and here’s the best part! didn’t have to be altered one bit for length!!! That’s a first! Suzanne sent these in a forest green color, which I really liked. However, I dug around in my closet for a long time trying to find a top I liked paired with them. I finally settled on the gray and black baseball Tshirt above, and I found maybe one other item that worked, but that’s it. It also was hard pairing shoes with them. I don’t want to purchase a piece for nearly $100 just to wear with one or two things. I was even trying to make any excuse to keep them, but alas, they are regretfully returned.
I do plan on asking for these again, maybe in a specific color or in a dark wash. They are that incredible.

Collective Concepts — Junie Dress; Small/Petite; $88

Collective Concepts — Junie Dress 1Collective Concepts — Junie Dress 2This tank dress isn’t bad. I liked the embellished neckline and even the patterned sides. Suzanne believed this dress would work with my blazer, bomber jacket, or black boots too, but it didn’t. It fit well, but was a little big in the lower shoulder area, and I don’t really need a dress like this and since it isn’t fit for fall or winter wear without an additional piece, it gets sent back.

Overall Thoughts

This box was okay, but more on the bad side than good. It definitely didn’t fit the bill for fall to winter clothes for Michigan — in my opinion. I guess when I say that I envision thicker, cozier fabrics, so I plan on saying that in my note for next time.

This is my fifth box with Suzanne as my stylist and because I feel that by now she should be sending me better pieces overall, I wrote to Stitch Fix’s customer service, told them my concerns and asked to be paired with someone different for my next box. I feel bad about that, but I’m paying for a service and I believe I need to be happier with what I’m paying for. She’s okay at paying attention to some of the smaller details (like the 3/4 sleeve request and trying to pair things with what I said I had in my closet), but on a large scale I don’t believe she understands my style and doesn’t consider reasons why I sent other past items back. Because of that, I’m less and less excited every time I schedule a box. And isn’t that some of the point? To be excited when you get your Fix? Farewell, Suzanne.

How did you like this month’s Fix? Leave me your comments below the post. Like what I received? Find me on Pinterest and pin my items to your own Stitch Fix style inspiration board!

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix, click on the banner below and schedule your first box! By doing so, you’ll help me earn money off my next Fix!


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6 Responses to Stitch Fix Review — October 2015

  1. momovig says:

    Too bad about the jeans…they’re really cute. I’ve Ben asking for similar jeans myself!

  2. Nicole says:

    I think you made the right decisions… I think I’ve had a different stylist every time, but I finally decided to try to stick with this last one because I liked her “voice” in the note. Ha! I feel like I need to build a relationship with someone!

  3. I had similar jeans (burgundy) in my last fix and I LOVED them, but they were too tight in the belly 🙁 for that price they have to be perfect – but I agree they were SO soft and fabulous for fall!

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