Wags & Whiskers: Finding a Forever Home for Furry Friends

Wags & Whiskers1I adore animals. I believe they add extraordinary amounts of joy and fun to life and I cannot imagine my own life without them. I grew up with rabbits and hamsters, then got a cat of my own five years ago and added a kitten to the mix this May.

In fact, the kitten is from the county’s no-kill, nonprofit animal shelter called ARC, and my older cat is from the animal shelter in a county where I previously worked. Shelter animals are special, and most of the time some of the best pets you could ever hope to have in your life. There’s a certain something about them, an intuition they have that they know when they’re being taken to a loving home for the rest of their lives. They found their true companion.

Wags & Whiskers2I’ve seen the magic that happens when both animal and adopter know they’re the perfect match. It’s incredible. Sadly, there are too many homeless pets out there.

However, I try to do my own part. Thankfully, my place of employment was receptive to my idea of having a local “pet of the week” featured on its website and Facebook page.

Wags & Whiskers LogoEach week, I head over to ARC and film a dog or cat up for adoption in a video called Wags & Whiskers. The volunteers are fantastic and love each animal that walks through the door. They’re also very selective about who adopts their animals, making sure they likely won’t ever see the dog or cat return or become neglected or abandoned.

I take a variety of shots showing the pet doing what it does best, and I have one of the many volunteers take a minute and describe the dog or cat on camera.

Wags3The video below is an example of what I help put together every week. I featured a lovable pitbull named Gary who is currently waiting to be adopted from ARC. He is such a great dog and is breaking down the negative stereotypes the breed has become associated with.

Each time I film one of these videos, I hope it gets seen by a person who says, “he/she is perfect for me” and visits ARC to fill out an adoption application. I’m sure someone will see Gary, fall in love, and provide him with the family he deserves.

Looking for a cat or dog to call your own? Check out ARC and see a list of animals up for adoption.

Do you have a fur baby from a shelter? What makes them special?

— K

*Wags & Whiskers logo and video editing by Justin McKee

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