A Field of Sunshine

Sunflowers1On a busy state highway not too far from where I live sits a sight of beauty in the late summer season. For some reason I have yet to discover (and I will, darnit!), a resident chose to plant a massive field of sunflowers next to their home. Ever since I discovered it, I look forward to the blooms each year and make sure to stop for photos.

Sunflowers3It’s been a cooler summer, so the flowers bloomed about four weeks later than normal. Once I realized the time was now, I made an effort to get over there during the Golden Hour (the perfect time of day to take photos, usually right as the sun is setting). I’m really pleased with the shots I was able to take this year.

I tell you, after the sad weekend, the sight was needed. The happy, bright flowers filled me with joy, comfort and peace. My focus was on their beauty in the evening sky.

Sunflowers4My banner is a photo of the same field I took last year. It’s one of my favorites and I wanted to use it to create a sense of brightness, warmth, welcome and sunshine when you visit.

Sunflowers2Happy summer. 🙂


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  1. Nicole says:

    I would love to take some photos there! So pretty!

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