A Night for Nail Art, Friends and Wine

Nail Party1

Every so often, I invite some of my girlfriends (some of whom are coworkers) over for a nail party. I tell you the truth, there’s not much better after a full day of work than girly pampering and some wine! We sit back and relax, discuss tidbits of news we’ve heard around the area, complain about the struggles of the past eight hours, chat about our personal lives and experiences. There’s a lot of laughter, which is something we all need more of.

I do the honors of painting everyone’s nails, and over the past few years I’ve acquired quite the collection — though I always want more! The girls browse Pinterest or other sites for inspiration, and I try to copy the design, though I’m rubbish at freehand. I also have stamping plates from Bundle Monster and Mash that can be used to create some pretty cool art.

Nail Party2

This is the first nail night we’ve had in a while, since summer is such a busy time for everyone, and it was so much fun hosting again. It makes me smile watching their eyes light up seeing the finished product and it’s nice that my hobby is enjoyed by others. It’s also a great excuse to get together and keep in touch for an evening in a cozy setting without our male counterparts.

Nail Party3

The only limitation is your creativity! Do you like painting your nails or indulge in nail art? What are your favorite brands?

Nail Party4

Now, here’s the fun part!

You have the opportunity to win a full-size bottle of nail polish, directly from me! It’s a pink micro-glitter polish by Finger Paints called “Hue Left a Message?” and I’m giving it away for free. Isn’t it pretty? It’d be great to use for an accent nail or for a glitter gradient!

Nail Party5Here’s the deal:

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I will pick someone at random a week from today and announce the winner on the blog. Good luck!

This is my first attempt doing a giveaway, but I’m excited!

Enjoy the evening, and don’t forget to take some time to pamper yourself!

— K

*Photos by K and Justin McKee

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4 Responses to A Night for Nail Art, Friends and Wine

  1. Nicole says:

    Wait, that picture of the nail polishes… are those all yours?!

  2. Laura Rhoades says:

    I can’t believe all of the nail polish you own! Holy moly!

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