Stitch Fix Review – June 2015

(photos by Justin McKee)

(Photos by Justin McKee)

I wasn’t expecting to have another Stitch Fix box for a while, but my significant other offered to purchase one for me (thanks, hun!). With a new box comes a new review. And as a nice surprise, my 7th box arrived two days early.

So, What Is Stitch Fix?

This service provides the convenience of having five items shipped directly to your door. Right now, they offer tops, pants, skirts, dresses, outerwear, jewelry, scarves, purses and bags. When you first register on the website, you fill out a Style Profile, filling out vital body-type information, sizes, types of clothing you prefer to receive or stay away from, price range and other details. You also can leave a note for the stylist you’re paired with and can provide a link to social media sites or a Pinterest board with items that suit your style. The more specific details you leave, the better chance your box will have more items you like. In the box you’ll also find a note from your stylist and cards showing different ways to wear each piece (which I really benefit from).

The initial fee, or styling fee, is $20. Each item you receive is of a different price point. Once you try on each item of clothing, you have three days to decide which piece(s) you want to keep. The initial $20 will go toward the item(s) you keep. If you decide to keep everything, you receive a 25% discount. If you decide to keep nothing, that $20 is lost. The items you don’t keep you put in a pre-paid mail bag that comes in your box. Just make sure you ship it out within that three-day period or you’ll be charged for the entire thing. You’ll also perform a “check-out” process on the website after you’ve made your choice(s).

This time around, I changed my shirt size from small to extra small, since I often received boxy tops.  I also changed my price range for dresses from “the cheaper, the better” to $50-$100, to see if that would make a difference on selection. Since I didn’t need anything specific thing time around, I allowed this Fix to be a grab bag of sorts. I left some general instructions for Suzanne, my stylist, about what I didn’t want, what I liked from other boxes and asked her to send me some fun colors and prints.

Here’s what I received this month:

Papermoon Magguie Lasercut Detail Blouse – Extra Small/Petite; $44


I was happy to see this color in the box. It’s so bright and cheerful! When I first held up the blouse I loved it, and that love continued once I tried it on. I think the neckline is really cute and feminine, perfect for summer. The fit was great and the fabric is flowy. I paired it with a white cami underneath since the blouse is a touch short for my liking, and I think it adds an additional style factor. I can even dress it up a little for work with a black skirt or pants, and even some white slacks (which I need to purchase). I knew right away I was adding this to my closet.

Here’s a shot of the detailed neckline:


See? Super cute!

Pixley – Sarya Cross Back Henley Knit; Extra Small; $48


In my Style Profile, I unchecked yellow as a color for my stylist to avoid because I’m trying to branch out a little. However, this is bit too bright for me (I like pale yellow better). The fabric was incredibly, incredibly soft to the touch and it’s a basic Henley with buttons on the front. The back is split open a bit, which is the “interesting” part of the piece, but I didn’t care how it hung and billowed in the back. My boyfriend called it a kangaroo pouch. This was the first item in the return bag.

41 Hawthorn – Berneen Printed Dolman Sleeve Top; Extra Small; $58


Finally, I received the infamous Dolman top I see all over the Stitch Fix review universe. People either love them for their comfort and basic style, or hate them for the extra fabric dubbed “wings” between the arms and sides of the shirt. I like them, and generally liked this version of the top. It’s a unique piece for me. The fabric is somewhat thick and textured, unlike the knit versions of the Dolman, and the print is pretty radical from what I’d normally wear, but that’s not a bad thing. I paired it with a pencil skirt and heels like my style card said, and it was a pretty good combination.

I’m just not sure about this, though. I like it, but enough to purchase it? I’m not sure yet, and I’ll take the rest of my three days to mull it over. I’d love some of your opinions.

Market & Spruce – Kipp Printed Dress: Small; $68


I received a dress in this same style in my 4th box. I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like it. I think the shape of it makes me look frumpy. I don’t like the stretchy waistband that makes the fabric poof out and I always want to pull down on it. The colors are pretty, the print is okay and the dress is a good summer piece, but it’s not for me.

Gentle Fawn – Daytona Open Front Cardigan; Extra Small; $74


Suzanne was great in remembering I’ve been wanting an open white cardigan for my chilly work office atmosphere, but this cardigan is not a hit. It’s basically a huge piece of fabric with pockets and arms. As you can see, it’s as long as the dress she recommended pairing it with. Pockets are great to have on a sweater, but I couldn’t even reach them because the piece is so long. And for the price? Absolutely not.

Overall Thoughts

This was a really fun Fix and I’m glad Suzanne sent me a mix of prints, solids and fun colors. I think I made the right decision changing to the extra small sizes for shirts, so I’ll keep it that way.

I’m still curious about the process of selecting clothing, as I’m seeing other bloggers receive items I specifically pin, though don’t receive. That’s not necessarily a complaint, but it makes me wonder!

What were your favorite pieces? Do you agree with my opinions? Should I keep the Dolman top? Leave me a comment below.

Hopefully I will receive a box next month, but we’ll see what happens! Stay tuned!

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9 Responses to Stitch Fix Review – June 2015

  1. Nicole says:

    I like the dolman top! It is a bit pricey, but I can see it with denim, white, or black like you have it…

    • Karin says:

      It looks great with blue jeans. If I find good white pants I’m sure it’ll look great with them as well.
      The Dolman top is my boyfriend’s favorite of the bunch.

  2. Magen says:

    I like the first shirt but I would pass on the Dolman top. LOVE your sandals in the last two pics. I’ve been looking for a pair like those. Thanks for posting your review. I enjoy reading them.

  3. Stacey says:

    The red top is very cute and the color is great on you. I like the dolman sleeve top also – very versatile. (Though I am one of those who dislike dolman sleeves!) I also happen to like the dress on you! I think it would look nice with heels and you could dress it up or down depending on what you put with it. The cardigan and that yellow thing should already be in the return mail!

  4. momovig says:

    Love all three tops. They look nice on you! Which did you keep?

    • K says:

      Thank you! I ended up keeping the coral top and the Dolman top.

      • momovig says:

        Have you tried any of the other online personal stylist options? I’ve not been super happy with Stitch Fix, as much as I want to love it. Granted I’ve only done 4 fixes, but I’ve had so much better luck lately shopping on my own.

        • K says:

          I’ve been toying with the idea of something else besides Stitch Fix, but in my research I haven’t found anything as affordable. I don’t have a lot of money to throw around.
          I might try a different subscription service all together, such as Ipsy or Penny Post.

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