Stitch Fix Review – April 2015 (2 of 2)


(Photos by Justin McKee)

If you’ve followed my last few posts, you’ll know why I scheduled two Stitch Fix boxes this month and how I was able to receive my second Fix earlier than I had expected. I’m happy to announce my newest box arrived at my door yesterday.

So, What Is Stitch Fix?

This service provides the convenience of having five items shipped directly to your door. Right now, they offer tops, pants, skirts, dresses, outerwear, jewelry, scarves, purses and bags. When you first register on the website, you fill out a Style Profile, filling out vital body-type information, sizes, types of clothing you prefer to receive or stay away from, price range and other details. You also can leave a note for the stylist you’re paired with and can provide a link to social media sites or a Pinterest board with items that suit your style. The more specific details you leave, the better chance your box will have more items you like. In the box you’ll also find a note from your stylist and cards showing different ways to wear each piece (which I really benefit from).

The initial fee, or styling fee, is $20. Each item you receive is of a different price point. Once you try on each item of clothing, you have three days to decide which piece(s) you want to keep. The initial $20 will go toward the item(s) you keep. If you decide to keep everything, you receive a 25% discount. If you decide to keep nothing, that $20 is lost. The items you don’t keep you put in a pre-paid mail bag that comes in your box. Just make sure you ship it out within that three-day period or you’ll be charged for the entire thing. You’ll also perform a “check-out” process on the website after you’ve made your choice(s).

I’m also happy to say Stitch Fix paired me with a stylist – Suzanne – who I had for a previous Fix, and I think she did pretty well overall. She made an effort to give me colorful items, which I requested. The funny thing is, though, somehow she took my note to say I was visiting Michigan for vacation, instead of realizing that I live here. It just made me giggle. I’m thinking about keeping her as my stylist for future boxes.

Here’s a look at what this box offered:

Papermoon – Ben Striped Airy Knit Top; Small; $48


This top is cute and very much my style, but it sure was a large small! I was drowning in it and it was boxy. The fabric was very soft and it came with a solid black cami to wear underneath. Although it didn’t fit me well, I probably wouldn’t have paid the price for it anyway even if it had. Sending it back.

Pixley – Hansen Scoop Neck Blouse; Small; $48


I peeked at my box once I received the Email saying it had shipped, so I saw this piece in advance. Hate to say I didn’t like it from the beginning, and trying it on didn’t help. I don’t care for the print, it was a little large and the style isn’t very flattering on me either. Not only that, I couldn’t tell which way to wear it because the tag was on the strap, so I tried it both ways and picked the way shown above. Definitely returning this.

Eight Sixty – Alegra Dress; Small; $48


This dress was a mystery as I couldn’t find any photos of it before the Fix arrived. I was happy to see the bright color, and even with my fair skin I think it doesn’t wash me out too badly. The skirt is fun, which I like, but I didn’t care for where the seams were hitting my body and I felt the top was cut way too narrow, which unbalanced the dress’ shape. This piece was a nice try on Suzanne’s part, but I have to return it.

Gilli – Lauree V-Neck Drape Dress; Small; $68


YES. There’s nothing negative I can say about this dress. After returning the faux wrap dress from my Fix a couple of weeks ago, I left feedback upon checkout saying I loved the dress except I wanted it in a color. Well, Suzanne delivered with this gem. I absolutely love navy, the fit is perfect, it’s incredibly flattering and I love the 3/4 length sleeves. I can see myself wearing it through spring, summer and fall. This dress is a keeper!

Fate – Florala Lace Detail Cardigan; Small; $58


I’m guessing Stitch Fix doesn’t have the plain white open cardigan I’ve Pinned and specifically requested twice, because this is the second time I haven’t received it, yet was given something similar. I really like how feminine the cardigan is. The lace detail is pretty, and the fabric of the sweater was very soft, light enough to wear throughout the warmer months. Suzanne said to try the cardigan over the blue dress, so I did, but wasn’t sold on it. I tried it on with a few items already in my closet, but I just didn’t feel like it worked for me. I’m returning this in hopes I can find that elusive white cardigan elsewhere.

Overall Thoughts

Although I’m only purchasing one piece from this Fix, I’m considering it a success. The navy dress is perfect and I can’t wait to wear it. The other items, save the blouse, were not too bad in general and some were pieces different from anything else in my closet – which I believe is one of the best things about the service.

How do you feel about this Fix? Comments are most welcome!

The other thing I’m wondering about is prices on items. I have quite a few dresses on my Pinterest board I’d love to receive which are colorful and have fun prints, yet I’m getting the more plain pieces. I wish I knew if it was because they’re out of stock in my size, if the prices are not in the “the cheaper the better” selection, or for another reason. I’m quite curious.

I’m unsure when my next box will be, as it depends on my financial situation, but I will of course post a review when it happens.


If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix, click on the banner below!

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  1. Lys&Em says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I LOVE THAT NAVY DRESS!

    • Karin says:

      I do too! I can’t wait to wear it. It’s a bit low-cut for work, so I am planning on wearing a tube top underneath to make the outfit a bit more conservative.

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