Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

I have a rather large crush on actor Gerard Butler. Ever since the 2004 film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera, I was hooked. And everyone likes Jennifer Aniston. She is the beautiful all-American girl who captured us on the hit TV series of Friends. These were the only two reasons I needed to convince me to want to see this film.

The Bounty Hunter depicts Milo Boyd and Nicole Hurley through a 24-hour period. Hurley, a journalist in New York following a breaking story about a murder cover up, decides to skip her court date after her arrest for assaulting a police officer. This action creates a warrant for her arrest, allowing Boyd, ex-cop turned bounty hunter, the opportunity to find Hurley, his ex-wife, and take her to jail in exchange for $5000.

Boyd, overly excited about this prospect, wastes no time capturing Hurley, as he uses what he learned from their marriage to help him obtain her and play along with her pleas and failed attempts to flee. The “cat and mouse” game continues throughout most of the movie, with amusing results.

However, tables begin to turn as they discover both of are wanted by dangerous outside parties – Hurley for information and Boyd for money he owes. While laying low at a B&B they had stayed at as a couple, the two talk about their former relationship and admit they both did things wrong which led to their divorce, and almost reconcile until Hurley overhears Boyd saying he was still going to do his job even if they get back together.

After a successful escape thanks to a pair of handcuffs, Hurley discovers more about the cover story she’s working on finds herself in some trouble once she is apprehended by the thugs after Boyd. A quick diversion sends both of them onto Hurley’s case where they discover the truth and help bring the mystery to a close, bringing the couple closer than they had been since their failed marriage.

But does Boyd continue with his job and take Hurley to jail? Do they finally give in and admit they’re still crazy about each other? That, my friends, is up to you to find out.

Butler and Aniston have great natural chemistry throughout the movie, and Butler looks like he’s genuinely enjoying the role. While I still hope to see him in movies that allow his natural Scottish accent, he is getting better on the American one on which he is so often criticized. Aniston is quirky and sweet even during her fits of rage at her costar, and I give her much credit running continuously in high heels.

While the style isn’t original, the acting nothing serious, and a few aspects of the film are slightly unclear, it’s easy to shrug off. The movie has been getting slammed by critics, but I think they tend to forget that not all flicks have to be Oscar winning works of art. The Bounty Hunter is entertaining, and I believe that’s its only purpose.

I enjoyed this movie, though I don’t think it’s one you need to rush to the theater to see. Though I will confess: I would gladly jump bail if it meant Gerard Butler was the one trying to catch me.


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