It’s amazing how the field of writing has changed so greatly in the past few years.

Newspapers all across the U.S. have either significantly downsized or closed. State, regional and city magazines have become a niche market with a small staff and less income to pay employees and freelance writers. Citizen journalism along with online media is at all-time high.

Blogging has become the norm, giving any average Joe with an opinion and no real training in writing a slight chance of being published to a national audience.

I confess I am average, but have been equiped with such training (though choose to ignore it at times) and hold a love of writing which has been with me most of my life. Therefore, I have decided to begin a blog for a handful of reasons:

1.) As months go by without a potential career in the field of my college degree, the writing samples on my laptop slowly become inadequate and outdated. This will hopefully help me produce new and modern assortments of samples for when I find that opportune position.
2.) I find myself strongly opinionated about different topics I come across, which also inspire me to write. Why not use a blog to expand on those feelings?
3.) It can almost be said as a new activity in my life, one I can enjoy committing to.
4.) For your entertainment/opposition.
5.) And who knows, maybe a publisher of a popular newspaper or magazine will enjoy my columns, find them interesting, witty and oh-so-true, and offer me that opportune position. Har har. (But really!) 

I plan on posting on various topics – whatever catches my eyes and ears – but will most likely revolve around the world of pop-culture, since a few other favorite hobbies are listening to music, watching TV and viewing movies. But you never know what will get my blood pumping on any given day.

Expect reviews, sarcasm, wit, humor, research, slang, opinions (of mine and others), rants and raves, and possibly some quirky phrases, grammatical habits and slightly offensive language that unabashedly slips out. Hopefully they will be as enjoyable to read as they will be to write. At least one entry per week is my goal, though at times that deadline will alter.

Comments are most welcome! Whether you agree, disagree, hate my opinions or love them, I want your feedback. Did I miss something? Is my research incomplete or skewed? What are your own thoughts on the topic? Let me know. However, while I appreciate your statements, I expect them to be professional and respectful to me, people I mention in my articles, and other people who have expressed their opinions through commenting. I would like this blog to have a “rating” no higher than PG-13, and I will not hesitate to delete any comments which I consider as harassment or hateful.

I think I have touched upon the prerequisite formalities I felt necessary for a first posting. If you’re reading this, good luck; I hope you will continue to follow-up every couple of days. If you do, please don’t lurk for long. Let me know you’re out there and confirm I’m not only writing for an audience of make-believe.

Thank you, and happy reading.


About Karin

Journalist, singer, reader, movie fanatic, photography buff, GVSU alum, wanna-be-Brit, Crohn's fighter, Coca-Cola addict, animal lover, not a kid person, hater of winter, Michigander
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  1. Mike says:

    You’re a very honest and talented writer from the looks of it. I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Tina says:

    I am quite excited to see where this takes you! I will be watching and reading (maybe even lurking…haha)

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